We are charmed by their self-confidence and craftsmanship. A request to Neoc is therefore always the start of a joint search for the best technical interpretation of the concept. This is where Neoc distinguishes itself from other suppliers. Together with you, they will look for the best way to translate your creative concept technically, but they also dare to discuss it in order to achieve a better result altogether. Neoc excels in challenging productions, large and small. Driven by passion for their profession, they strive to achieve the best results in cooperation with you.

Diederik Verwiel

‘Practical achievable Creation’ and ‘Devil in the Details’ are the common denominators that Neoc and Hadimassa pursue in each joint production. A close collaboration, with projects ranging from the small and highly exclusive to the large and compelling. Always with the aim of achieving the most creatively feasible, and technically as aesthetic, functional and safe as possible in the most unusual places. At Neoc, we always achieve the icing on the cake – that little bit extra, more stylish, always on time for your peace of mind, and with Swiss precision down to the smallest detail.

Bas Frenkel Frank

Thanks to Neoc we not only have a technical producer, but perhaps even more importantly a veritable sparring partner in the creation of complex and creative productions.
We almost always come up with a great idea together, and Neoc knows how to develop this into a realistic plan. In the creative process we may occasionally disagree dramatically with each other, and we are both not afraid to say so. Neoc distinguishes itself through creativity and an eye for detail and will not easily say that something is impossible.
Together we strive for a high level in the realization of events, which always leads to unprecedented successes.

Bas Thürer

We know we can always rely on the creativity and high level of commitment of the Neoc team. One of the main reasons to cooperate with Neoc, is their high level of quality execution and finishing that fits perfectly with many of our leading national and international clients. Neoc remains flexible (for as long as possible) in order to implement any required adjustments, of course within certain limitations, which they will always indicate in good time. Although the men at Neoc take their work very seriously, fortunately there is always time for some laughter and a toast to success.

Bart van Wanrooij

Neoc is at its best when it comes to the largest corporate events where the rendering of the visual concept can be interwoven in all its facets. Where (historic) locations can shine, and the lighting enhances detailed design and branding. A beautiful, unique stage program that is brought to life by the available lighting and sound professionals. But Neoc also stands its ground at complex logistic events. Not every event has the requisite financial resources, but when the budget is available, Neoc is certainly the best in its field for me. To understand each other without effort and always strive for the same level of perfection, that is a great way of working.

Lara Martens-Roos

I choose Neoc basically because they are a guarantee of success and take my mind off things. In addition, and almost just as important, because Neoc complements the existing creative plan. Neoc knows better than anyone how to translate a creative plan into a technical realization. And they always deliver a complete package, the projects are prepared and drawn up with the utmost precision.
I would recommend Neoc for productions of the highest standard where there is room for creative additions which are often a bit more complex.

Ederik Tiessen

I recommend Neoc to companies that prioritize a high level of finish and look & feel.
Companies that want something fresh for their event. Sleek decors, perfect stage finishing, decor and light panels optimally matched with each other. Thinking along with you about the type of event and carefully designing a beautiful stage design, that is the power of Neoc! As a show-caller, it is great that Neoc takes care of those things for you! Because if the setting and technique are right, I can create a great ensemble together with the operators.

Monique Winkel

Neoc is a technical-creative producer who I know in advance will produce the event concept to perfection. They ALWAYS bring together the right partners, the best operators, and their reliable and professional production management brings calm and structure.
This really distinguishes Neoc from most of its competitors. With this tranquility, structure, mutual trust and the always perfect finish, it is wonderful to work as a director / show-caller.

Sander Hendrix

Neoc’s ambitious team is one of our preferred partners with whom we have shaped various events in recent years. For us, Neoc is a company that is characterized by its enormous creative insight, rock-solid production skills, friendly team and always up to date with the latest developments. Together we think in solutions and thanks to our trusted cooperation we can switch ad hoc, and the communication lines are short.

Eric Schinck

Quality, creativity and trust are important values that Neoc adds to a project. This makes Neoc extremely suitable for our complex productions with a challenging creative technical edge. Always in pleasant cooperation and with an output down to the last detail.

Henry Peemen & Gwen Janssen